今天是世界环境日, 每年的这一天,联合国都会举行庆祝活动, 谈话, 并从1974年开始为我们共同的家园采取行动. 今天, 世界各地的, we reflect on our environmental impact and work on projects to protect our planet from pollution, 气候变化, 偷猎, 以及我们这个星球面临的许多其他危机. 以今天的精神, we want to talk with you about some of the environmental conservation work we are doing on our farm and why it matters for our herbs, bet36在线注册, 和你.

那么到底什么是环境保护呢? 简单地说, conservation combines the effort to preserve and protect the earth and its resources with the need for sustainable human use. Environmental conservation includes protecting and maintaining native biodiversity, 至关重要的生态系统功能, 和土壤的健康, 水, 和空气. 

Private Lands Conservation is an essential and mutually beneficial component of conservation.

在美国的48个州中,私人土地约占70%, 这使得它成为了一个很重要的土地类型. 三分之二的濒危物种靠私人土地养活. 然而, 只有3%的保护区位于私人土地上, 因此农场必须采取行动支持保护.

While a monoculture farm provides habitat, it generally supports far fewer species. 经常, it will only support a limited number of insect species that typically lack sufficient natural predators, 导致了人口过剩. This can have detrimental effects on both crop production (or increase pesticide use) and on the local ecosystem by reducing the habitat available to most species. 植物的一种,尤指多种形式的植物.e. 草, 开花植物, 灌木, 固氮细菌, 和树木)可以支持更多样化的生态系统.

Many people think that farms supporting conservation must damage their bottom line. 然而, many conservation efforts are long-term investments in the local community. Costs can be reduced over the long-term through effects such as: reducing plant replacement, 减少水和肥料的使用, 减少土壤侵蚀. A recent study by CSU found that each dollar put into conservation generates $4-$12 in ecosystem services i.e. flood control, 水 purification, air quality, pollination, and wildfire reduction.


保护环境是我们工作的重要组成部分, not only because it makes bet36在线注册 safer and healthier for those that use them, but also because the way that we grow our ingredients has a local and global impact.

我们的农场是天然生长(CNG), which means we never use toxic pesticides or herbicides on our property. 而不是, 我们使用体力劳动, 同伴种植, 生物电控制, and other natural methods for dealing with weeds and harmful critters. 和我们的农场一样,农场也是周围环境的一部分. 农场ers that use growing practices that foster this connection can benefit the economy, 人类健康, 以及我们星球的健康. 


种植CNG草本植物可以让我们创造更好的, safer products and is important to our product sustainability goals and to our product safety goals. 这也使我们能够支持生物多样性. The conservation measures we have implemented on the farm have helped us to provide habitat and resources to native wildlife.

Some of the ways we’ve integrated conservation into the work we do on our farm include:

  • 种植本地物种花园.
  • Using 同伴种植 techniques like incorporating flowers into our crop rows for pollinators. 甚至我们的农作物也有生态功能. 例如, our calendula attracts beneficial insects as well as the pests who would otherwise be munching through the rest of our plants. 金盏花的生命力很强,足以对付这些迎面而来的昆虫, +, there are often beneficial (but harmless to us) spiders like the banded garden spider lurking in the leaves waiting for someone to eat. 
  • 种植防风林. We’ve added a row of native conifers and a row of deciduous 灌木 to our farm that will help protect our crops from wind and protect our soil from erosion. 它们也将为野生动物提供重要的栖息地和资源.
  • 我们农场有蜜蜂用的蜂箱. While not native, they are great pollinators that love our herbs, especially the lavender.
  • We are also breeding monarch butterflies, one of the many butterfly species on the farm. Breeding this threatened species of butterfly is important not only for the pollination that happens on our farm but also for the ecosystem services they provide across the US.

Our farm supports over 87 species of wildlife, 其中大部分都是科罗拉多的原生植物.

在去年, 我们在这个农场记录了超过87种野生动物, 其中大部分都是科罗拉多的原生植物. We’ve even been fortunate enough to see eggs and chicks from some bird species like robins, 小水鸟, 和白头翁们.

我们的农场也是许多授粉昆虫的家园. 有帝王蝶和蜜蜂, 正如上面提到的, 还有一些蝴蝶喜欢红色的海军上将, 涂女士, 三种燕尾蝶, 硫, 白人和卷心菜. 黄蜂和本地蜜蜂也是重要的传粉者. We love seeing the fuzzy Hunt’s Bumblebee buzzing around our comfrey. 

The pollinators that our farm helps support also visit nearby farms, helping their crops. Growing in a way that protects and supports pollinators is important not only for our own farm but also for our local community and the global food supply. 四分之三的开花植物依赖授粉者,三分之一的粮食作物依赖授粉者! 

野生动物对自然害虫控制也很重要. 这里有很多跳蛛, 狼蛛, 蟹蛛保护我们的植物免受有害的害虫. We also have bats who come out to feed on mosquitoes and other biting insects each night. 鸟类也很擅长控制害虫. We’ve counted about 40 bird species so far including 4 species of swallow, 小水鸟, 几种莺类, 和美洲食蜂鹟. 


农场ing naturally has a lasting impact on the biodiversity we see on our farm and the biodiversity that is all around us. How we farm is part of what makes our company unique within the skincare industry. 我们有责任爱护我们使用的土地. We also have a responsibility to create safe, sustainable products for our customers. We’re on a mission to make sure we’re doing the best we can in both of those areas and we’re so excited to get to share how we’re doing that with you.

值此世界环境日, take the opportunity to reflect on the products you buy and the actions you take each day that impacts the environment. 你知道你买的东西是如何帮助或伤害地球的吗? What is one “green resolution” you could make for the rest of the year to make your own life a little greener?


- Leo + Fern 

Leo and Fern are our resident Conservation Biologists who work on our farm and at our production facility. 他们有一个以自然为中心的Instagram账号 @thiswildwonderland 和相关的 博客. Say hello to them at the Boulder and City Park farmers markets or leave a comment with any conservation or ecology-related questions you have.